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Discover our expertise

All our resources have a minimum of 10 years of experience and hold Bachelor or Master degree in Software engineering.


Type of developer

Get developers with the right focus and experience.


Regardless if you need app developers, front-end, back-end, fullstack we can provide you with the right resources.


We also have experienced developers within Blockchain, AI, Test automation and other speciality competences.


We can provide you with new team members remote or onsite, depending on your need.


Technical frameworks

In modern cloud programming it is very common to use different frameworks to speed up the development cycle.


MESO's resources have extensive experience from different frameworks like Angular, React, .NET, Ruby on Rails for the web and iOS and Android for mobile applications.


Programming languages

MESO can provide senior developers with extensive experience from many different programming languages like Java, PHP, Java script, C#, .NET, Objective C etc.


Different databases

Regardless what database you work with, MESO will have the matching expertise to provide you with.


Our resources have extensive experience from databases like MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostGre, MongoDB, Oracle etc.