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Scale your growth

We help you find the right top developer to your team

Vietnamese developers & European support

We provide certified and qualified senior Vietnamese software developers to an affordable price, combined with local European business support.


With extensive experience from helping companies analysing, designing, developing, testing, maintaining both cloud and mobile solutions we dare say we will provide you with the suitable competence.


Our Vietnamese developers have worked with startups to enterprise customers in Sweden, United states, Japan and Singapore to mention a few countries.

Read more about the benefits with dedicated developers from Vietnam in our blog.

Are you running a IT-consultant company that experience problems finding the right resources to grow your company?


Increase your delivery capacity and profit margins with senior Vietnamese software developers from MESO.

We are so sure you will be satisfied that we offer the first month to half price. If you are not satisfied we replace the resource for free or end the assignment.

1st month = Half price

Only 40% rate if idle

If the resource end up on the bench for a while we lower our already low hourly rate to 40% of the standard rate. All to reduce risk and make it as profitable as possible for your company.


The easy way

  • We offer all resources to the same affordable fee

  • Longer contract means lower hourly rate

  • Contract our resources for 3, 6 or 12 months

  • Choose remote and when needed on site

Business Meeting

Technical expertise

Our Vietnamese developers can help you regarding the technology you prefer. Our developers have minimum 10 years experience and hold a Bachelor or Master degree in software development. We work with most programming languages, data bases, tools and hosting environments. Send us your requirements and we will provide you the matching developers.

Online Learning.

Remote developers

If you have clear specifications and tasks the remote model is preferred since it lowers the rate. When working remote you still have daily or weekly meetings and daily communication over email, chat to follow the progress.

Get a developer now!

Book 30 min online meeting with an adviser and tell us your needs.

We provide you with 1-3 suitable Vietnamese developers to choose from.

Let us help

Looking to expand your business but have trouble finding developers? Need to increase the growth and profitability? Let us guide you. All IT-consultant can increase their revenue and profit by adding our developers to their teams. In a market like the European one it can make all the difference.

European support

With years of experience from doing business in Europe and Vietnam we understand how it works and how to give you the necessary local support in Europe. There are plenty of stories of both successes and failures when working with offshore developers. We support you locally with our expertise and experience to secure you get the right developer to reach your specific project goals.